Berta Plus

Doesn’t this retro desk makes you want to go back in time to the “Swinging 60’s”? This nostalgic table which comes with a drawer is a great way to get inspired from those wonderful flamboyant, rebellious days.
sku: Web001
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Pink
Materials: Engineered wood
Finish: White H.P.L,  Clear lacquer
Legs: Oak
Comes in two sizes:
W120 x D60x H74 cm
W150 x D70 x H74 cm
You can even make a special order and get it in: W160 x D70 x H74 cm or
W180 x D70 x H74 cm
This item is ordered upon request.
Arrives within 45 working days.
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